2015 Recipients

2015 MADA Winners
LOCAL Award: Jenna Kelland

The LOCAL Making A Difference Award is presented to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of local significance in multiple births issues within Canada.


The 2015 MADA award in the Local category was presented to Jenna Kelland, of the Edmonton Twin & Triplet Club.


  • Member of the ETTC since 2009, immediately joining the executive.

  • Took the initiative to create a database of the library materials ETTC has and make it available electronically to all members.

  • Was instrumental in updating the Membership Database

  • Recognized the need for and developed the non-medical Managing Multiples Class. As stated by one of her nominators “The development of this program has put us on the map as a leading parenting organization”.

National Award: Sheila Catto

The MADA NATIONAL award is presented to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of national significance in multiple births issues in Canada. This year we awarded two National Awards, to Sheila Catto and to Shirley Combden


The first 2015 National Making A Difference Award was presented to Sheila Catto.


  • Has a huge passion for making a difference in the multiple-birth community, in supporting families with higher order multiples and has demonstrated this passion over and over again through the countless hours spent during her 7 years volunteering nationally with Multiple Births Canada.

  • Held positions on the Board of Directors including Secretary, Co-Chair and Chair.

  • Most recently Sheila was Director of Communications and spent many long hours making sure MBC Publications including E-News,

       Multiple Moments articles, Fact Sheets, National Multiple Births Awareness Day literature, and much
       more were edited and researched and ready to go.

  • Was a huge part of the team that successfully applied for and received the Charitable Status for MBC using her attention to detail and her research skills.

  • For all this work, and for her continuing role as Chair of the Higher Order Multiples Support Network, Sheila has been an invaluable part of the National MBC team and has helped MBC to support all families from coast to coast.

National Award: Shirley Combden

The second 2015 National Making A Difference Award was presented to Shirley Combden.


  • Shirley makes a difference every single day with the work she does on a national level. She currently holds the Director of Finance position on the Board for MBC but has also held the position of Co-Chair and Chair during her tenure.

  • Co-Chaired both 2010 and 2015 National Conferences in Edmonton.

  • As Director of Finance, Shirley is responsible for MBC's financial reporting and making sure that MBC maintains it's fiscal duties to the membership. She was also integral in helping MBC to achieve Charitable status.

  • Shirley's co-volunteers rely on her daily to guide them and support them no matter the task at hand. She volunteers with all her heart, and is always a steady hand no matter the challenges faced. Shirley truly does make a difference in all that she does for MBC and our families.

International Award: Keith Reed

The MADA INTERNATIONAL award is presented to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for exceptional accomplishments of international significance in multiple births issues and that has a Canadian element or impact on the Canadian multiple-birth community.


This years’ recipient of the International MADA Award is Keith Reed, CEO TAMBA UK.

  • Exceptional willingness to share his time and resources in support of MBC and other national multiple-birth organizations world-wide.

  • Contributor to the 2015 MBC National Multiple Birth Awareness Day Campaign, Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

Corporate Award: Steve VanEsch and Message Rocket

The MADA CORPORATE award is presented to an individual, business, corporation or organization who at the national level, in their professional capacity, created an awareness of the challenges faced by Canada's multiple birth children and their families, and/or have made a significant impact on the multiple-birth community and/or Multiple Births Canada.


This year's Winner of the Corporate Award is Steve VanEsch and Message Rocket


  • Offered valuable time and resources to help do a full redesign of the MBC website.

  • Worked closely with MBC volunteers to ensure easy navigation of the website.

  • Hosted the MBC website at a drastically reduced rate.