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2013 Local Award

Shirley Combden

2013 Local Award

The LOCAL Making A Difference Award is presented to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of local significance in multiple births issues within Canada.

The winner of the 2013 LOCAL award is Shirley Combden, of the Edmonton Twin & Triplet Club.

The members of ETTC count themselves very lucky indeed to have Shirley as one of their most trusted volunteers. Shirley is a friend, a confidante, an advisor, a leader, and a force within the Edmonton Twin & Triplet Club. Since 1998 she has held all of the volunteer positions within the club, including but not limited to Sales coordinator, Alumni, Casino Chair, Treasurer, Vice-President, President and Past-President. She was also Co-Chair of the committee that organized the 2010 MBC Conference held in Edmonton.

The volunteers that work alongside Shirley simply cannot say enough about her – some of their comments included:

“Shirley is extremely dedicated and focused.”

“Her strength to always be there in a time of need is commendable. She will always go the extra mile to ensure the Club and its members are taken care of. I take pride in calling Shirley my friend.”

“We are so thankful that Shirley has dedicated so much time to both ETTC and MBC. She has been a huge asset to the club in so many ways and has been an important part of growing ETTC to where it is now. Kudos to her!”

“Shirley has been an amazing source of information, guidance and support to all of us on the executive.”

“If there is one person I can always turn to for advice or support, it is always Shirley.”

Shirley is very passionate about helping those in the multiple-birth community. Not only has she donated so much of her time in the Edmonton community, but she is also actively involved on the National level as MBC’s Finance Director and also the Co-Chair. In addition to all of her volunteer duties, Shirley is also busy with her own job, and raising her family which includes her twins who graduated Grade 9 this year and are very active in sports, and her older son who just recently graduated from the University of Alberta.

The Edmonton Twin & Triplet Club did not hesitate to nominate Shirley for a Making A Difference Award – she simply does just that on a daily basis for all of their members. Because of the dedication she shows to multiple births families, Multiple Births Canada and the MADA committee are very pleased to present this year’s Local Making a Difference Award to Shirley Combden of the Edmonton Twin & Triplet Club.

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