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2014 National Award

Lori Oldfield

2014 National Award

The MADA NATIONAL award is presented to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of national significance in multiple births issues in Canada.

Lori Oldfield has given leadership, expertise, a huge amount of time, dedication and determination to the goal of developing a new website for Multiple Births Canada. Starting in the spring of 2012 and working with Stephen van Esch of MessageRocket (website developer and internet service provider), she guided the MBC Board and Executive Director to review the existing outdated website, determine goals and features for the new site, develop a list of requirements and priorities, and select the appropriate software tools to create and operate the new site.

Lori took the lead in developing and approving a new appearance and user interface for the site, supervised a team of volunteers to catalogue, review and update content on the old site, and then coded and uploaded content into the new website. Working very long hours, she ensured a successful launch of the new website (main public pages) at the Volunteer Retreat and AGM in September 2012, and then continued to add many more pages of content through the end of 2012, 2013 and 2014 to date. She set up the Publications section with online purchases through Paypal, MBC Members section (password protected) with separate content, and the Chapter Executive section (password protected) with many additional documents and content, ongoing since August 2013.

​At the same time, as MBC's Webmaster, Lori continues to update all the regular pages with news, media stories, blog posts, information about EI parental leave, National Multiple Births Awareness Day, the Support Networks, and much more. The MBC Board of Directors is delighted with the quality of the new website, its professional appearance, and its ease of use and accessibility to MBC members and to the public. We could not have achieved all of this without Lori's expertise, vision and careful direction, endless patience and dedication to completing the task.

Lori accomplished all of this in the past two years while serving on the MBC Board of Directors (since September 2010), which takes many hours of emails, document writing, meetings, and travel to two long-weekend meetings a year. At the same time, she works full-time in the telecommunications industry, and cares for her 4 children, while her husband has traveled frequently for work.

We don't know how Lori does it all, while maintaining her sense of humour and positive attitude! She has certainly made a huge difference to our national organization, and greatly enhanced MBC's ability to share information about MBC and parenting multiples with our membership and with the general public.

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