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Awareness Day

MBC first initiated National Multiple Births Awareness Day (NMBAD) in 2005. It's celebrated annually on May 28, the birth date of the Dionne Quintuplets with picnics and events attended by multiple birth families in cities and towns across Canada. The story of the quintuplets is a bittersweet chapter in Canadian history, one of miraculous wonderment that provided much needed hope in the midst of the Great Depression and also one of extraordinary sadness as the girls were exploited by our government and kept at an emotional distance by their parents. Their story is one that continues to inspire our work to provide multiple birth families with the community of support they need locally while also educating and advocating on their behalf nationally.

First NMBAD celebration in 2005 at the Dionne Quints Museum in North Bay, Ontario

Local events hosted by MBC affiliate chapters for the current year will be listed here as they are confirmed. Check back closer to May 28 for more details!


​Every year, MBC choses a theme to focus their work and projects on. This is a look at the last 15 years of celebrating NMBAD with each yearly theme.

  • 2005 a call to dialogue on Employment Insurance (EI)

  • 2006 “Raising awareness of the unique risks of multiple-birth pregnancies and the post-natal issues faced by parents and multiples”

  • 2007 Raise the attention to the need to recognize and encourage the individuality of individuals of multiple births while respecting the singularity of their multiple birth relationship 

  • 2008 The increased risk of death and disability for multiple birth babies, more complications for the mother during pregnancy and the longer-term consequences for the welfare of multiple birth families are so serious that it should be an imperative for providers of fertility services to aim for treatment which results in the birth if a single live healthy baby and reduce iatrogenic multiple twins and more. 

  • 2009 Classroom placement of multiple- Together or not? 

  • 2010 Canada’s EI parental leave must reflect the needs of multiple birth infants. 

  • 2011 Prenatal education and professional support must reflect the unique needs of Canada's multiple-birth community

  • 2012 Multiple-birth educational resources and peer to peer support - TOGETHER we can make a difference

  • 2013 You're not alone - Canada's multiple-birth community is here to support you.

  • 2014 It’s a multiple’s choice: encourage twins, triplets, and more to make individual decisions.

  • 2015 Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) – Early diagnosis can save lives. 

  • 2016 Building Support for the Road Ahead

  • 2017 Postpartum Emotional Support and Wellness for Multiple Births Families. 

  • 2018 Growing Up Multiples- Celebrating 40 years of MBC

  • 2019 Honouring our History and the 85th birthday of the surviving Dionne Quintuplets, Celine and Annette. Their story continues to inspire the work that we do, ensuring multiple birth children are cherished and supported, not made out as spectacles.

  • 2020 Connecting Coast to Coast

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