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2023 Good Neighbour Award

Kaylee Coombs-Brown

2023 Good Neighbour Award

The Good Neighbour Award is awarded to members of the community that support local chapters or MBC in achieving their vision, mission, or annual theme. 

The 2023 Good Neighbour Award goes to Kaylee Coombs-Brown.

Kaylee as an amazing volunteer that truly deserves the MBC Good Neighbour Award. 

Kaylee has indirectly been involved with the Windsor-Essex Chapter of POMBA since 2002. 

Being an older cousin to triplets, she was our extra set of hands during our special POMBA events. 

She has attended many events, volunteered at our sales as well as offered workshops for parents of children with diverse needs. 

A few years ago, no one was available to take on the role as ALL4KIDS Chair. Kaylee offered to "help" us out until another parent of multiples wanted the job. 

During the COVID pandemic, Kaylee hosted a virtual ALL4KIDS sale/auction. We all thought that she was crazy!!!
This was a huge task, not only did she have to figure out a system, she also had to monitor the sale/auction, she had to coordinate the delivery of all the items as well as the payment and pick up of the items. 

I remember the day, it was cold, raining and took hours and I think that we all got sick afterwards, but we all had a lot of fun and raised a bit of money for our local chapter. 

When we decided to go to an in person sale we needed to find a new location. 

Kaylee took on the role once again to coordinate the sale at a new, never used before location. 

For 3 consecutives sales now Kaylee has seamlessly run the sale. 

The Chapter wouldn't have a sale if she hadn't taken it on! 

Kaylee, congratulations and thank you for always being there for our multiple birth families within your community and chapter!

We are happy to award Kayleigh Combs-Brown for the Good Neighbour Award! Congratulations Kayleigh.

Your dedication is admirable and everyone in your Chapter appreciates you and all of your hard work.

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