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All resources below are FREE to download in PDF format. They are listed by subject area for ease of selection. Each resource begins with a document code which includes an "F" if the document is in French. 

Multiple Facts
Multiple Births Facts and Declarations

101    Biology of Multiples
102a  Declaration of Rights & Statement of Needs of Twins and Higher Order Multiples

102b  Declaration revised in Seoul June 2010 at ICTS

103    Zygosity Testing 

104    Multiple Birth Facts & Figures
105    Multiple Birth Terminology

Pregnancy & Prenatal
Pregnancy & Prenatal

201    You're Having Multiples!

203    Expectant Mom Tips

204    Bedrest

205    Nutrition Guidelines for Multiple Pregnancy 

206    Possible Risks: Part 1 Risk to the Mother

207    Possible Risks: Part 2 Risk to the Children

208    Possible Risks: Part 3 Reducing the Risks

209    Signs and Symptoms of Preterm Labour

210    Multiple Pregnancy and Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

212    What to Bring to the Hospital: Ideas for the whole family!

Preterm Birth
Growing Up
Contributor Thanks
Contributor Thanks

We’d like to acknowledge and show our appreciation to the following individuals for their contributions to the resources listed here. Their work on the development, research, writing, editing, reviewing, and layout has been invaluable and we are very thankful for their dedication.

Cathy Barr

Dr. Jon Barrett, M.B.Bch., FRCOG, MD, FRCSC

Pamela Blumenschein, MSc, CGC

Cathy Brohman

Sheila Catto

Susan Christian, MSc, CGC

Denise Clarke

Laura Corbett RN, BScN, PNC

B.J. Cunningham, M.Sc., SLP © Reg. CASLPO

Jane Denton, CBE, FRCN, RGN, RM,

Murielle Dietrich

Dr. Joan A. Friedman

Stefanie Gemmell

Lynda Haddon

David Hay

Valerie Hodgins

Paula Humphries

Carrie Johnston

Jenna Kelland

Kim Krueger

Donna Launslager

Carolyn Leighton-Hilborn

Linda Leonard, RN, MSN

Margaret Lilley, MSc, CGC

Erin Little
Dr. Geoffrey Machin, MD, PhD
Pat Malmstrom
Dr. John Mascazine Ph.D. (US)
Heather McAuley
Tania McNamara
Ken Mellor
Gail Moore
Diane Myers
Michelle Phoenix, M.H.Sc., Reg. CASLPO
Pat Preedy Ph.D., M.Ed., B.Ed. (UK)
Steve Reid
Anna Rendell
Rose Ricciardelli
Vicki Riley
Kathy Schuster-Bellemore
Dr. Nancy Segal
Bonnie Shultz
Mary Slaman-Forsythe
Jennifer Stephens
Vera Teschow
Dr. Jennifer Toye 
Julie Watson-Blasioli
Kim Weatherall

Organization Contributors:

Canadian Premature Babies Foundation 

The Healthy Singleton Birth Committee, Assisted Human Reproduction Canada

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