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Organizational history is a means of understanding the past and appreciating the present. Our history is our heritage, complete with treasured memories, wonderful moments, great and some not so great achievements.


Here is but a brief glimpse.

MBC History Timeline 1977-2019 v2.0.png

It was a quiet morning; a small group of women huddled around a small kitchen table, in a quaint home nestled in the foothills of Alberta. The air was full of excited chatter; a new vision and the road that needed to be traveled were being discussed once again.

The vision beckoned them – and so the journey began. This dedicated, small group of women, led by Sheryl McInnes, worked together to lay down a framework for a national organization of parents of multiple births.

It took until 1977, for the topic of a national organization to be formally debated. A vote was won by a narrow margin and the Parents of Multiple Births Association of Western Canada came into existence. In 1978, at Convention, hosted by Calgary, eastern clubs were represented for the first time. A vote was taken and POBMBA Western Canada unanimously became POMBA Canada. The national organization was formed – four long hard years after the idea of a national organization was first introduced.

~ An excerpt from “Tribute to Sheryl McInnes” by Bonnie Schultz, Past President of POMBA Canada, from the Winter 1998 edition of the Double Feature magazine.

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