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Upcoming Events

Lost & Found Workshop Series

November 26 & December 3, 2022


In My Words: Children Share Their Covid-19 Pandemic Stories.

MBC in collaboration with The Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation is offering this two-part online workshop for children and their caregivers The workshops will provide a framework to elicit children’s pandemic stories as they reflect on things lost, and things found. Through fun writing and art activities, children will recall, shape, and share their pandemic stories.


The resulting stories will take many different forms, including poems, drawings, letters, and video and audio recordings. Through the process, the group will build community, confidence, and empathy by listening to and honoring one another’s experiences in a safe and supportive space.


2022 MBC Conference and AGM

September 30 - October 2


Celebrating together

You are not alone - It’s ok we’ve got your back!

This year, the Multiple Births Canada conference planning committee is Getting back to basics,​ re-imaging our Chapters and ourselves.​Following the yearly theme of: Re-imagining Community​, Enhancing Wellness and Connection for the Multiple Birth Community​. 


Making a Difference Awards (MADA)

Nomination deadline
September 1, 2022


Volunteer Recognition within the community of multiple births!  

Who do you know that is MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the Multiple Births community in Canada? Recipients may be nominated in one of the following categories:

Local  *  National  *  International  *  Chapter  *  Media  *  Dionne  *  Corporate  * 

Nominees may be an individual, group of individuals, or a company who has provided extraordinary service or made a significant impact within the Multiple Birth Community in Canada.

Award winners will be announced after our Annual General Meeting in October at our second ever virtual Making a Difference Awards Ceremony.

National Multiple Births Awareness Day (NMBAD)

May 28, 2023

Various Locations

Picture of the Dionne quintuplets 1937

Every year, on May 28 — the birthday of the Dionne Quintuplets — we celebrate National Multiple Births Awareness Day with picnics and events attended by multiple birth families in cities and towns across Canada. 

The 2023 theme is To Be Determined.

Note that local events put on by Chapters may be scheduled for the weekend immediately before or after May 28, so be sure to confirm the date of any you wish to attend!

Your can learn more about NMBAD and any upcoming local events by clicking the LEARN MORE button below

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