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2023 Shining Star (Durahm)

Lori Doersam

2023 Shining Star (Durahm)

The Shining Star MADA is awarded to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of local significance in the field of multiple births in a local community in Canada. One Shining Star award will be given out to each MBC Chapter annually.

The winner of the 2023 Shining Star award for the Durham Chapter - Durham Parents of Multiples – DPOM is Lori Doersam.

Lori was DPOM's president over two years ago. 

She is still sitting in our past president role for our executive committee; not because someone has bumped her out of the is because she WANTS to be an active part with us still.

DPOM has not had a 'past president' (in the past 9 years) who has came to meetings or continued to be an active part of our group.

She served DPOM for many years in various roles and after serving as our president made the decision to step back. She wasn't ready to give our amazing organization up.

She is very active and continues to volunteer, most times going above and beyond!

We sometimes joke that Lori will be a permanent fixture of DPOM's executive.

She is always assisting and volunteering when needed.

DPOM is so thankful and appreciative of her love and constant support.

We are happy to award Lori Doersam for the Shining Star Award! Congratulations Lori.

Her dedication is admirable and everyone in her Chapter appreciates her hard work.

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