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Lost & Found Workshop Series

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Thank You For Participating!

Multiple Births Canada participated in the Lost & Found project facilitating storytelling workshops, teaching our children how to express their feelings about the pandemic and while gathering stories of their pandemic experiences.

The stories, told through drawing, writing, poetry and video, are part of the Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation’s efforts to help address the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s development.


This video looks back at the Lost & Found project, its participants from coast to coast to coast, and highlights Lost & Found’s impact, thanks to you.

The Lost & Found project reached over 5,100 children, spanning every province and territory in Canada, and generated over 1,500 submissions to the Lost & Found digital exhibit. The exhibit will remain online until 2025 and will be retained in the Library of Archives Canada as part of Canadian history.

Click here to see how integral Multiple Births Canadas involvement was to the success of the Lost & Found project. Thank you again to all who participatied!

About the Lead Facilitator; Rachele Henry 

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