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2012 Local Award (Honourable Mention)

Nina Garcia and Kerry Sutton

2012 Local Award (Honourable Mention)

This year we had an entire chapter who reinvented themselves. In a time when volunteers are sometimes scarce and lives so often busy, two driven and enthusiastic women stepped forward to bring together a chapter locally and to represent themselves nationally. The Twins Plus Association of Brampton and in particular Nina Garcia and Kerry Sutton should be commended for their enthusiasm, their courage and their commitment to their chapter and members and to the multiple birth community.

Some accomplishments this year include a fantastic and well received clothing sale, pulling together as an entire chapter to help a multiples family who lost everything in a house fire and organizing National Multiple Birth Awareness Day Celebration at Canada’s Wonderland attended by numerous MBC Chapters including Guelph, Temiskaming, Sarnia and others.

This chapter and in particular Kerry and Nina embody what being a part of the multiple births community is all about, and Multiple Births Canada honours them and wishes them continued success! Nina & Kerry were both very excited and wanted to express their thoughts.

Nina said, "I would like to thank MBC and MADA for the honourable mention - it means so much to the TPAB Executive Committee to be recognized for the hard work we have put in this past year. This honour is not mine and Kerry's alone - but also to be shared with Heather, Devon, Tamara and Johanne. We work as a TEAM and none of our accomplishments could have been possible without the entire team! THANKS Ladies – you rock! TPAB is now thriving and growing, and it makes me so happy that so many more multiples families in our community are reaping the rewards as a result of that... looking forward to many more years helping TPAB and MBC!”

Kerry wanted to say, “I am so humbled and honoured to be recognized for the hard work Nina and I have done over the last year. Our chapter has become something I personally am very passionate about. Nina and I could not have gotten through the year without our dedicated executive committee and volunteers, and also the guidance we have received from MBC board members. We are looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring now that Twins Plus Assoc. of Brampton is back on its feet! Thanks again to MADA for our honourable mention!”

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