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2013 Corporate Award

Bell Media

2013 Corporate Award

The MADA CORPORATE award is presented to an individual, business, corporation or organization who at the national level, in their professional capacity, created an awareness of the challenges faced by Canada's multiple birth children and their families, and/or have made a significant impact on the multiple-birth community and/or Multiple Births Canada.

The 2013 Winner of the Corporate Award is Bell Media.

In November 2012, MBC member Cathy Smith of Windsor approached the Board with the idea of creating a Public Service Announcement that would run on radio stations in Canada. Of course, MBC was thrilled with this offer, and Cathy got to work.

The radio ad said, “If you have twins, triplets, or more, here’s a name you should remember: Multiple Births Canada. This national registered charity is dedicated to families like yours! Multiple Births Canada provides helpful information and local support. They have resources addressing the unique

challenges faced by families, professionals and educators who are expecting or care for twins, triplets, or more. For more information and to find a chapter near you - visit Get the answers and support you need, any time, day or night, with Multiple Births Canada.”

This 30 second PSA ran across Canada on 15 Bell Media radio stations in Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Kitchener, Peterborough, Lindsey and Windsor. It played almost 2,200 times between January and April of this year. The in-kind value of this wonderful donation is approximately $111,500 dollars. This publicity could never have happened without the drive from Cathy Smith, and the huge generosity from Bell Media. From National Sales Coordinators to programming directors, from production companies to voicing talent – Bell Media supplied it all at no cost to Multiple Births Canada. For helping MBC to reach so many families across the country – and helping them to realize they are not alone and there is somewhere to go for help, information and support, Multiple Births Canada and the MADA committee is proud to present Bell Media with the 2013 Corporate Making a Difference Award.

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