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2014 Corporate Award

Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

2014 Corporate Award

The MADA CORPORATE award is presented to an individual, business, corporation or organization who at the national level, in their professional capacity, created an awareness of the challenges faced by Canada's multiple birth children and their families, and/or have made a significant impact on the multiple-birth community and/or Multiple Births Canada.

The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation operates three Museums in the National Capital Region (NCR) —the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and the Canada Science and Technology Museum. All three museums cater to different age groups and interests. Over the past few years, the Multiple Births Families Association of Ottawa-Gatineau (MBFA) has been fortunate to develop a partnership with the museums that provides MBC and MBFA members with discounts on weekday admission and in their gift stores. The Science and Technology Museum assigned two museum staff (who are identical twins themselves) to participate in our National Multiple Births Awareness Day event in May 2013. The staff conducted some fun science experiments such as launching rockets and making ice cream. These activities were a huge draw for our members and enjoyed by all spectators.

New in the last year, the CSTM has graciously provided valuable programming space for the MBFA to host quarterly playgroups free of charge and out of various museum locations. Over the years, the CSTM has also set up a group discounted membership which permits MBFA families and all MBC Members to enjoy free admission to the three museums as well as access to other science museums across Canada.
MBC and MBFA are both fortunate to have such a high-profile crown corporation with a nation-wide impact opening up their doors to multiple birth families across the nation. In particular, we would like to recognize the efforts, commitment and professionalism of Fraser McDonald (Manager, Membership Program) and Ciara Cronin (Officer, Special Projects), both staff members at the CSTM.

This is what the President and the CEO of the Museums Corporation had to say after CSTM was informed that they have been selected as winners of the Corporate Award:

“The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation is honoured to accept the ‘Making a Difference’ Award from Multiple Births Canada. The three museums are committed to providing the most affordable, educational and captivating experiences to local families and visitors to the National Capital Region. We look forward to a continued partnership with the MBC to promote these experiences to families with twins, triplets or quadruplets in Ottawa-Gatineau and across Canada.”
- Alex Benay, President and CEO, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation.

The President of the MBFA, Olga Kutikov, was proud to present the MADA Corporate Award and Certificate to Fraser McDonald and Ciara Cronin from the CSTM after the 2014 MBC Conference.

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