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2014 Local Award (1 of 2)

Denise Cook

2014 Local Award (1 of 2)

The LOCAL Making A Difference Award is presented to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of local significance in multiple births issues within Canada. This year we selected two winners, Denise Cook, and Josette McCauley.

The first LOCAL winner is Denise Cook. Here is what the nomination for Denise said:

"I have had a woman come in to help every Monday from 4pm to bedtime since my children were born. My triplets are now 19 months old. I did not know Denise Cook before my pregnancy. She is a friend of another mom whose triplets are two years older them mine. She helped her trio - and when she heard I was having triplets - she just called me up and said she was coming to help me too. Even when her own daughter had a baby, she never missed a Monday with us. She is a retired elementary school teacher and is AMAZING with my guys.

She has been a huge life saver for us, and it would be nice if I could recognize her in some way."

"She truly is an amazing woman. I shattered both my legs in an accident before the pregnancy, so I cannot walk very well. I am actually just waiting for the surgeon to plan my next surgery. Without the help of people like Denise I have no idea how I would handle the kids - especially now as they are too heavy for me to carry. She is the most reliable person we have helping and that means so much in my situation. Especially since she never even knew us before our babies were born. She is kindly helping out a complete stranger. We love her so much."

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