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2016 Media Award

Carmen Leibel & CTV Edmonton

2016 Media Award

The MADA MEDIA award is presented to an individual and/or newspaper, magazine, radio or television outlet that printed or aired a story in the previous year which created awareness of multiple-birth issues, individual chapters, or spotlighted MBC and/or chapter initiatives.

The 2016 Media Making a Difference Award goes to Carmen Leibel & CTV Edmonton.

Dawn Moffat, the ETTC 3, 4 or More Support Director, was interviewed to showcase the challenges parents of higher order multiples face.

CTV Edmonton was also a large part of raising awareness of the medical challenges facing multiples while directly promoting support for a local family as they were faced with medical costs travelling back and forth between Edmonton and Toronto. The boys are currently 2 ½ years old and remain cancer free.

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