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2017 Chapter Award

Greater Sudbury Multiple Births Association

2017 Chapter Award

The MADA CHAPTER award is presented to a chapter that has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of significance to their local multiple births community.

The 2017 Making a Difference Chapter Award winner is the Greater Sudbury Multiple Births Association.

The Greater Sudbury Multiple Births Association has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2013 and deserves the distinction of the Making A Difference Chapter Award.

As of this year the GSMBA has reached a membership milestone and is now providing support to over 50 families, from the beginnings of just 5 families in 2013 this alone is impressive. The members and executive are showing astounding commitment to helping families in the multiple-birth community. The GSMBA has hosted many events from summer BBQs to splash pad gatherings and camping trips to Easter and Christmas socials complete with crafts, family pictures, and a potluck. These frequent events bring together members to share stories, encouragement and create friendships, something that was lacking in their area for a long time. As part of the community support GSMBA also organizes a semi-annual clothing & equipment sale which has helped to bolster their group's revenues, as well as GSMBA's reputation throughout the community. To further that commitment the GSMBA executive recently can together to support a family in need providing assistance in order to purchase basic supplies.

​Currently through much hard work, the GSMBA executive is on the cusp of finalizing official association bylaws, which will allow them to become a registered Not-for-Profit Organization.

​The fact that in a society that is attached to its electronics, involved in social media and all about online groups, it is amazing they have been able to create and thrive as a new chapter over the past 4 years, and are already giving back to their community. There is not one event or project that highlights the efforts of the GSMBA but rather the positive environment of support, the open and welcoming attitudes of the GSMBA families, and closeness of the executive and membership.

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