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2017 National Award

Elaine Nugent

2017 National Award

The MADA NATIONAL award is presented to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of national significance in multiple births issues in Canada.

The 2017 National Making a Difference Award was presented to Elaine Nugent.

For the last 4 years, Elaine has been a member of MBC’s Board of Directors, currently serving as the Director of Information Management. Many of the things Elaine does are not as obvious but they are time consuming and integral to the running of our organization.

Some of the many things she has worked on in her short 4 years are:

Spearheaded the move of the main MBC Website to our new provider saving MBC significant expenses.

For the last 4 years Elaine has been a part of the website team, continually updating the site to have the most current resources available, making sure our announcements always featured our current activities, and helping to maintain our global presence.

In 2015, Elaine was a part of the restructuring of MBC, making sure the transition for the new Office Manager went smoothly and that she received all the backup and training she needed.

In 2016, she revamped and relaunched the Multiple Moments online website, completely changing the content to be partially password protected allowing MBC to share vital content with general public while maintaining privacy and benefits for members only.

Created and maintained the 2017 Retreat Website including setting up and administering the online registration for members.

Elaine is a vital part of the communications team, helping to maintain the membership information contained in our e-communications and making sure the online support databases are maintained.

Elaine consistently and quietly works behind the scenes supporting MBC with all the millions of technical issues that come with running a National Charity.

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