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2019 Chapter Award

London Multiple Births Association

2019 Chapter Award

The MADA CHAPTER award is presented to a chapter that has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of significance to their local multiple births community.

The 2019 Chapter MADA winner is London Multiple Births Association.

London Multiple Births Association (LMBA) was founded in 1977 by five families living within a few homes of each other on one street in London. LMBA has grown into a Chapter of MBC serving and supporting over 165 families over a very large geographic area from Lake Huron in the north, to Lake Erie in the south, to Woodstock in the east, to Chatham in the west.

​The members and executive are committed to helping families in the multiple births community as well as providing donations to the London Diaper Bank and local Women's Shelters. At each event hosted by the LMBA we ask for donations for these community programs, and they have been blown away by the support the LMBA members provide to each of these organizations.

The LMBA hosts many free events for their members throughout the year. They have a very active Facebook group, providing a safe environment for members to reach out. The LMBA hosts a semi-annual kids' used clothing and equipment sale - and over the past year and half has seen many changes to the event - from switching to the My Consignment program and to a new location. The sale sees about 80 sellers and about 700-1000 shoppers.

Comments from their members:

"LMBA is a great community where you can ask questions, get advice and just connect with people who have been there or are there in the crazy experience of multiples."

"Because it feels so good to support and encourage one another. I know I can ask a question at any hour, and someone is awake and ready to respond. “

"I would be lost without the support from this group. Made some great friends and no one in my family gets the struggles of multiples the stress is real. The love and friendships"

Congratulations, London Multiple Births Association!

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