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2019 Dionne Award

Michelle Lynne Bernard

2019 Dionne Award

The MADA DIONNE award is presented to adult multiple-birth individual(s) who through his/her/their actions have created a deeper awareness of the challenges faced by Canada’s multiple-birth children and their families and/or have made a significant impact on the multiple-birth community through their own personal efforts.

The 2018 Winner of the Dionne Award is Michelle Lynne Bernard.

Michelle is the President of the London Multiple Births Association Chapter; she is the lovely wife of Brad. Together they have three sons, Edward who is 10 and twins Alexander and Christopher.

Michelle works very hard as the Chair of the London Multiple Births Association Chapter. She organizes fundraisers, play groups, and multiple activities.

Michelle loves to volunteer with her local chapter and in 2018 when MBC put a call out to ask her help with the conference Michelle stepped up to the plate. She offered to take over the Silent Auction for the board. She organized an online auction so that delegates that were not able to attend the conference had a chance to participate. She went to many local businesses to ask for donations as well as other chapters. Without Michelle’s support we are not sure what the Silent Auction would have looked like.

Michelle herself is an identical twin, her sister Nicole was able to join us at the 2018 conference on Saturday night for the gala and was eager to lend a helping hand with the auction and anywhere else that she could. Unfortunately, Michelle lost her twin Nicole Addley in 2019.

Michelle has continued to lead the Silent Auction for 2019 conference in Sudbury. We hope that she continues as she is a valuable MBC volunteer!

Congratulations Michelle!

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