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2020 Large Chapter Award

London Multiple Births Association

2020 Large Chapter Award

The LARGE CHAPTER MADA award is presented to a chapter with over 100 members, that has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of significance to their local multiple births community.

The 2020 Large Chapter MADA winner is London Multiple Births Association.

The LMBA has taken whatever this world has thrown at them and tried to provide for each of their families though the troubling world global pandemic, call to make sure each family of multiples feels supported, no matter their race, religion, background or finical situation, and to provide love and support for all members of our community.

Over the past 4-5 months, the LMBA has switched to supporting our members to more online supports - from online social events (at home paint nights), parent outreach programs (FB event for sleep programs), hosting meetings online, as well as supporting members through FB. With the uncertainty of employment, we have let members stay on in the LMBA Facebook page to support our members without renewing their membership fees. Also, we have removed the 2-week trial period for new members.

Over the past 3 months, our president Michelle has written over 50 letters of caring to our members - to let them know that they are not alone, that we are here for them, and as well, for some to congratulate them on the birth of their multiples. The feedback has been well received, and many state that these cards (that usually also contain a tea bag) lifted their spirits, made them feel that someone is acknowledging them, and that they matter. Due to the club's financial state this year, Michelle has been fundraising to cover the full costs of the cards, stamps, and tea. Members can email the names of members that are having a hard time, executives put and a card for caring will forth names of members that are they have observed struggling through the discussion board on FB, and Michelle sends out cards a few times per month. The nomination for members is done anonymously, so the members are truly thankful that someone has noticed them. This simple act is helping with our member mental health.

The LMBA is changing how the community sees the club, and in an effort to change our image, the LMBA redesigned their outdated logo, and is in the process of planning and creating promotional materials to be handed out at the local hospitals, medical centers, and community groups. This fall, some LMBA members will be participating (running or walking) in the virtual Run For Women to help support Women's Mental Health in the region.

Many community groups reach out to the LMBA to assist families with multiples, from refugee families to low-income families. The LMBA members have been amazing rising to the assistance of these families by providing diapers, supplies, and equipment as well as grocery gift cards.

The LMBA plans to continue with community involvement, welcoming families of multiples with open arms, and changing how we support our families over the next year. We are here to grow and develop over each year so that we can support our members and be in the London Region for another 40 years!

Congratulations, London Multiple Births Association!

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