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2020 Local Award

Shannon Irving

2020 Local Award

The LOCAL Making A Difference Award is presented to an individual who has displayed outstanding dedication or has been responsible for outstanding accomplishments of local significance in multiple births issues within Canada.

The winner of the 2020 Local MADA is Shannon Irving.

Shannon Irving won the Twins Triplets and More Association of Calgary (TTMAC) Volunteer of the Year this year due to her dedication to serving families of Multiples in Calgary and surrounding areas over the last several years.

She has held many different volunteer positions with TTMAC including Expectant Parent Coordinator which was so suited to her kind and welcoming personality. She was the face of TTMAC for years and welcomed parents who were expecting multiples with open arms and made them feel comfortable and at ease.

Shannon served on the Board of Directors as Secretary bringing a fresh, upbeat, professional and enthusiastic outlook to the operations of our Association.

Most recently, Shannon has held the role the invaluable Volunteer Coordinator. She has worked tirelessly making sure that every Volunteer Position was filled or filled as quickly as possible so that all resources and supports could remain available for our members. That's over 45 positions!!

Along the way, she would take the time to make connections with TTMAC volunteers to ensure they knew how important their contributions were and to provide support whenever needed. That in turn has made our volunteer team one of the most dedicated and hard-working groups ever.

In addition, she always offered to take on other responsibilities, including being on the 2020 MBC Conference Committee; first for the one in Calgary and more recently for the one online this Fall.

Shannon is one of the kindest, most generous and overall “good person” you will ever have the pleasure of working with and if you're lucky, becoming friends with.

Shannon, congratulations and thank you for making a difference in your local community!

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