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2021 Media Award

Tracey Tong

2021 Media Award

The MADA MEDIA award is presented to an individual and/or newspaper, magazine, radio or television outlet that printed or aired a story in the previous year which created awareness of multiple-birth issues, individual chapters, or spotlighted MBC and/or chapter initiatives.

The 2021 Media MADA was presented to The Ottawa Parenting Times, editor Tracey Tong, with special recognition to its publisher Peter Ausland

Over the years Peter has always been open, inquiring and caring when it came to multiple-birth families and wanted to make sure that our families had easy access to any support systems they might need.

This past Winter Tracey Tong interviewed long time MBC member Lynda Haddon and other Ottawa Region members regarding their perspectives of raising multiples, and her article provided pertinent advice and community resources which families might tap into at any stage of raising their multiples, including Multiple Births Canada, Multiple Births Families Association.

The article entitled is informative, positive, pertinent, full of practical hints and tips and honest in its overview of the challenges and joys of having twins and triplets.

Congratulations to Peter Ausland and Tracey Tong with Ottawa Parenting Times.

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