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2022 Good Neighbour

Dr. Jacqui Getfield

2022 Good Neighbour

The Good Neighbour MADA is awarded to a member of the community that supports local chapters or MBC in achieving their vision, mission, or annual theme.

The 2022 winner of the Good Neighbour award is Dr. Jacqui Getfield.

Jacqui was eager to help when she was approached by MBC this past year to provide diversity training to the MBC board and chapter volunteers.

As a parent of twins herself and having spent many years involved in the not-for-profit sector, Jacqui had a natural inclination to do what she could to get us on the right path. She immediately understood that in addition to I.D.E.A (inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility), members need to feel a sense of belonging. With her deep understanding of the importance of our organization, including its vision, mission and goals and the importance of diversity training, she was willing to work within our parameters of budget, time and online platform.

Jacqui delivered diversity training that was insightful and left us with a lot to reflect on as individuals and as organizations. Our Chapters and our Board of Directors are richer for the experience. We are sure that as we all delve deeper into our own journeys of becoming more inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible, we will create that sense of belonging that every present and future MBC member should feel.

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