Awareness Day 2021

Equity and Inclusion for Multiple Birth Families from Coast to Coast

​As you know, National Multiple Births Awareness Day (NMBAD) is coming up on Friday, May 28th. This year's theme will be Equity and Inclusion from Coast to Coast. The idea behind this theme is to highlight some of the unique challenges and sometimes benefits that come from experiencing life as a multiple birth family where sometimes we may be given equal opportunities, but they are not always equitable and inclusive for our family structures.


Here's where we need your help. To celebrate National Multiple Births Awareness Day, Multiple Births Canada is putting together a "pass the balloon" video featuring YOU - multiple birth families from our Chapters! We would like to feature YOU, our members, your partners and/or your children, in short videos outlining the ONE thing you struggled with the most when having multiples, or the one piece of amazing advice/help you received from your local chapter or MBC. Partners and children can also chime in with what they find the most challenging of being a multiple.


We have prepared a short demo video so that you can get an idea of what we are looking for. So, here is what we need you to do. Think about what it is really like having multiples. Help give others a glimpse into what we go through, things people wouldn't normally think about.... All the struggles but also what MBC and each local chapter has been able to help out with for multiple birth families.


We are looking for 1 to 3 volunteers in each Chapter to submit short 15 second videos highlighting one unique aspect of being a parent or child in a multiple birth family. All that you need is a balloon of any colour that you will grab from the left as you start your video and pass to the right at the end. We ask that you fill out the form below and upload your video by Monday, May 17th.


Thank you for helping us promote National Multiple Births Awareness Day. We look forward to seeing your videos!