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Sheryl McInnes (1943–1998)

Sheryl McInnes, among other outstanding activities, interests and directions, was an advocate for multiple births and many other social issues.  


In 1962–64, Sheryl attended the University of Toronto studying rehabilitation medicine and did the research and design for a number of publications about multiple births, one being The Impact of a Multiple Birth on the Family – International Survey in 1979–80 and the follow-up impact study in 1985 and 1989. She also did the research and wrote for the books, Breastfeeding Twins, Triplets and Quadruplets, Twins in School, Special Delivery, and The Death of a Twin.  Sheryl also had a number of articles published in magazines and newsletters on various topics pertaining to women’s issues.

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Sheryl was the founding President and Executive Director of the Parents of Multiple Birth Association of Canada (POMBA). From 1977–1981 she ran the Multiple Birth Resource Centre from her home in Lethbridge. When POMBA affiliated with similar international organizations such as the International Society for Twin Studies and the International Genetics Society her world travels began.

She presented papers at their various Congresses in Washington, DC, Israel, London, Amsterdam and Rome. As a result of this work, she was given the Alberta Achievement Award in 1982 and a Canadian Achievement Award in 1988.  Sheryl was well known not only in her native Canada, but also in the international community through her work with multiple birth organizations and societies.  


Sheryl passed away from a heart attack in October, 1998.

Sheryl's full bio and obituary can be read here.

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