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Often the moment parents find out they are having more than one baby…that they are carrying twins or triplets or more…is at the ultrasound clinic. We know how those first moments can be filled with shock, disbelief, anxiety, fear and joy all at once. The Ultrasound Poster Project was born from a desire to make sure those families know that MBC is here and they are not alone.


Posters were sent out to 1000 ultrasound clinics across Canada. The project completed in March 2019.

The number of clinics that received posters in each province and territory is outlined in this chart:

Province                             Total Clinics

Alberta                                             137

British Columbia                             117

Manitoba                                           41

New Brunswick                                 22

Newfoundland and Labrador          41

Northwest Territories                       12

Nova Scotia                                      49

Nunavut                                              8

Ontario                                           453

Prince Edward Island                       14

Quebec                                             57

Saskatchewan                                   45

Yukon                                                  4      

Grand Total                                   1000

Poster designs in English and in French. Click on an image to download the PDF file:

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