Volunteers are the life-blood of most charity organizations and MBC is no different! Some of the ways you can get involved:

Board positions

From time to time we have open board positions. Our board is a working board which means we roll up our sleeves and get things done! The type of work and skills needed varies depending on the roles and skills we already have on the team.


We are currently seeking a talented individual to join our team! Get involved, increase your knowledge of working for a charitable organization, meet like-minded people, make a difference in the multiple births community and have a lot of fun along the way!

Director, Information Technology - MBC Board of Directors - Volunteer Position Description

Role responsibilities:

  • Day to day management of the Office 365 environment

  • Setting up and supporting webinars using Teams

  • Updating and supporting the updates to the MBC website made by the Office Manager

  • Working with other Board members on projects that have a technology component.

  • Possible projects of this type may include updating the MBC member database and setting up an online store.

  • You would work as part of the team to research and become knowledgeable with the project requirements, help make recommendations and implement the agreed upon solution.


Technical knowledge:

  • Must be familiar with the administration portal for Microsoft Office 365 and be able to understand how MBC is set up as an organization to manage our tenant effectively

  • Must understand how domains and DNS work

  • Must have an understanding of web design and HTML

  • Must be comfortable with researching and testing technology and applications to come back to the Board with recommendations

  • Experience with the WIX platform would be an asset

  • Experience with facilitating and providing support for video conferences and webinars using Microsoft Teams would be an asset


Other requirements:

  • A willingness to learn new things and run with new ideas

  • The ability to take initiative and work independently

  • A team player who is eager to contribute and comment on ideas and projects

  • Comfortable working with a remote team


Time Commitment:

  • Volunteer 3 hours/week independently

  • Attend 1 monthly board meeting (generally 2 hour/meeting via MS Teams)

  • Travel to and attendance at both the Board Interim Meeting and the Annual MBC conference. Locations and dates will be known well in advance and travel costs incurred will be reimbursed.

Typical board work may include initiatives like the following:

  • Supporting and developing programs for our chapters

  • Supporting and organizing our volunteers

  • Creating and executing on a marketing and communications plan

  • Working on special projects

  • Implementing a technology strategy

  • Managing our memberships and improving the membership registration process


  • 2 hour monthly meetings, done online using Microsoft Teams. Meetings times are agreed upon by members of the board and are known in advance.

  • Travel to two in-person meetings, once in the fall and once in the spring. Locations and time are known well in advance.

  • It’s expected you’ll work on tasks you’ve agreed to in between meetings.

  • Regular checking of email and input on issues being discussed.


  • We’re a really fun group to get to know and work with!

  • Board work looks great on a resume.

  • You can take on tasks to expand your knowledge or a particular skillset.

  • Expenses incurred for MBC work or travel are reimbursed.

  • Two annual in-person meetings away from the regular hubbub of life.

If a board position is something you feel you’d be interested in, please contact us

Advisory Council

Our advisory council is made up of individuals who are experts in their field. They don’t meet as a formal group, but believe in our mission and are available for MBC to call upon as needed for advice and guidance. If you feel that you have knowledge or expertise in an area that MBC may be able to benefit from, please reach out to us

“As needed” work

We often have a need for people who can help out in a variety of ways and look for people who have an interest and an aptitude. There is no set commitment of hours – we’ll ask and you tell us if you can do it. This type of work is always changing, depending on what projects or initiatives we have going on at any time. However, examples might be:

  • Proof-reading documents

  • French translation

  • Research or the accumulation and organization of information

  • Social network management tasks

If you have a particular skill set and are interested in helping out as needed, let us know


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