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Ensuring that our policies and practices are inclusive to all

Multiple Births Canada (MBC) is committed to ensuring that our policies and practices are inclusive to all families who welcome multiples into their lives. Our hearts feel the struggle of all those not treated as equals in this world and pledge that MBC will always be a safe and inclusive place for our member families and all families who seek out our services.

Twins, triplets and more arrive to all types of families regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality. They can arrive spontaneously, with or without medical help, by adoption or in many other ways. No matter how it happens, families with multiple birth children all know the joys and struggles of raising these little miracles and enjoy bonds with other families who are experiencing the same.

To ensure that our services are inclusive to the diverse communities across Canada, the MBC Board of Directors will be completing Equality and Inclusion training and offering options for our chapters to do the same. Continuing to learn and grow allows us to set an example for our children.


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