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Introducing MBC’s New Logo

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

MBC is proud to announce a new logo and organizational colours.

So why the new look? The original Multiple Births Canada logo was established in 2000 when our name changed from POMBA (Parents of Multiple Births Association). As things have become so much more digital and online, it became apparent that our beloved logo needed a refresh. Something bolder and more vibrant to stand out in the sea of other causes and groups vying for the attention of Canadian families, while remaining a reflection of the community that we serve and the history that we've come from.

How did we arrive at this logo and these colours? We made the decision to move forward with a new logo last Spring and put a call out to our members and our community for submissions. Of the designs sent in, we felt this one best reflected the image we were trying to convey plus would be versatile and simple enough to be used in greatest number of ways. We asked the designer for a few adjustments and the result is what you see here.

We wanted to stay true to the original MBC logo by keeping the maple leaf in the design. You can see the multitude of different families, siblings and individuals in our community and support groups reflected in the different shading of the leaves. We didn't want to stray too far from the original burgundy but brightened it and brought in a complementary blue-green colour.

When will we start seeing the change? Over the next year, our fact sheets, website, email signatures, social media properties, etc., will be updated with the new logo and colours and we anticipate the change to be fully complete by the end of September 2019. As a volunteer-run organization we need to pace ourselves and we appreciate your patience!

What better way to celebrate our 40 years of history than to ring in the new year with a fresh, bold new look which pays homage to where we've come from while setting us up for the future! Many thanks to Chris Tomalty-Moeller who donated the work on the chosen design.

Have feedback, comments, questions about this change? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Board Chair, Ruth Morton, at


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