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What MBC Means to Me

What Multiple Births Canada means to me has changed tremendously in the years since my twins were born in January of 2003. When I found out at 23 weeks that I was carrying twins, all I cared about was finding local people who could answer my questions and give me advice. I wasn't looking for anything more, but I was blessed to discover so much more over the years.  

For most people MBC starts off as a background organization. It is where some of their membership fees go from their local Chapter, or they joined as direct members to see what it was all about. And sometimes that may seem like enough. Some people will read fact sheets, look for book recommendations and maybe join the members only group and some support networks. They begin to figure out that MBC has more to offer than they originally thought.

Each year a few members from each Chapter take a bigger leap and attend a National Conference. There they learn how much work goes into being a national charity, what good work is done and the commitment of those involved at the national level.  They also learn from each other, as they share experiences and ideas from across the country.  They bring this knowledge and enthusiasm back to their Chapter executive and share the excitement. This can spark amazing things at the local level. 

For a few people, looking to help develop programing, take on special projects and mentor new volunteers, they may jump in as a national volunteer and/or Board of Directors. So after taking all those steps myself, I think I know what MBC means to me.

It has meant answering emails from parents who just find out they are having more than one baby and being able to  answer their many questions. It now means teaching national Prenatal classes when eveything local has been cancelled. For other people it can mean putting in time every week on the organization banking, developing a new website, connecting with chapters, managing volunteers, creating a news release or planning for a conference.  But what MBC and my local chapter have always offered me more than anything else is friendship. The amazing women I have met in the last 18 years have been my strength, my mentors, my shoulder to cry on, the reason I laugh till my sides hurt and so much more. In short they have been my friends.  Friends I never would have made had I not been blessed with twins.


All levels of involvement with MBC are important, and everyone will take what they need, but take it from me MBC can mean more to you than you could ever imagine.  Find out what MBC can mean to you.

Thank you to everyone I have met through my local chapter and MBC over the year and I raise a glass to you all.  May we be strong women, know strong women and raise strong women!!

Happy National Multiple Births Awareness Day. 

Heather McAuley- proud to claim all the titles below.

Windsor/Essex POMBA past Chair, many other roles and member since 2002

2011 Conference Co-chair and attendee to 12 conferences

MBC Board of Directors Past Chair and member since 2012.  2011 Local MADA award, 2019 National MADA award

Mom to 4 amazing young adults, including my youngest twin daughter who takes credit for the list above..She says if it weren't for her none of that would have happened.  Don’t tell her she is right.


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